A screenshot of Magnolia running on a virtual machine

At Miralium Research, our dedication to providing exceptional cybersecurity expertise inspires us to continuously innovate. Today, we are proud to announce the release of Magnolia, an open-source tool designed to streamline exploration and analysis of legacy BIOS firmware systems.

Despite the ongoing global transition to UEFI-based systems, many organizations still rely on legacy BIOS platforms. To address their unique security requirements, Miralium Research has developed Magnolia as an asset to enhance cybersecurity research processes for these systems. The tool enables us to efficiently test code testing within the context of a PC’s firmware, which allows for a better understanding of potential attacks and leads to the development of more robust security measures.

An interesting aspect of Magnolia is its ability to run games directly from the BIOS. While not the primary focus of the project, this demonstrates the impressive potential and versatility of the system, showcasing our dedication to push the boundaries of technology.

We invite researchers, developers, and enthusiasts to join us in this endeavor by visiting https://github.com/miraliumre/magnolia. On the repository, you will find the Magnolia project files and essential information to help you get started.

About the author
Rodrigo Laneth

I'm a cybersecurity researcher specializing in application testing and vulnerability assessments. As the founder of Miralium Research, a cybersecurity services company, my focus is on providing cutting-edge solutions that help organizations stay safe and secure in today's digital landscape.